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4 reviews for 24K CARAMEL BODY LOTION

  1. Dalanda Jallow

    What I love about my “24k CARAMEL TONE” is so light on d skin yet it work wonders My all time fav n I have recommended it to so many people n still will recommend it…..

    • admin

      Thank you Dalanda! We are happy you really love it and recommend it to others .

  2. Fatoumatta

    Your 24K caramel is the best. I just used it for one week and my skin is glowing. I love my skin tone. Keep up the good work your products are the best

    • admin

      Thank you Fatoumatta

  3. Rohey Rahman

    Your 24k caramel is doin wonders on my skin. Ma’Sha’Allah keep up the good work.

    • admin

      Thanks Rohey !

  4. Chilel K Jawara

    I struggled with hyperpigmentation for a long time. The 24K was recommended to me after I did my consultation and mar shaa Allah, it’s really worked for me. I use it with the glow oil.

    • admin

      Oh wowww we are so happy for you!

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