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We are Passionate Beauticians and Makeup Artists Based in The Gambia.

Looking for the best beauty and spa services in town? Our team of experienced beauticians offers all the beauty services you’ve been waiting for.

Salon Services And spa

Whether it is simple threading, haircuts or a complete body massage, we serve you with all your beauty needs with the best products coupled with dedicated services on board.

  1. Professional MakeUp 
  2. fix nails
  3. Hair coloring
  4. Hair straightening
  5. Hair Stretching
  6. Eye lashes 
  7. wig /Hair  Installation
  8. Face Beats
  9. Ponytails
  10. Facial Treatment
  11. Massage both men and women
  12. Body Scrub
  13. pedi cure
  14. mani cure
  15. Waxing

Professional MakeUp

  1. simple glam     D 400
  2. bold  glam        D 600
  3. birthday glam D 800
  4. bridal glam      D 1500


  1. simple press on    D 500
  2. gel polish               D 400
  3. simple gel nails     D 600
  4. gel nails with design D800  

Wig Coloring / Natural Hair

  1. bleach blond       D1000
  2. ombra                  D 1200
  3. balayage              D 1000
  4. Highlighting        D1200
  5. full natural hair coloring   D 800

Eye Lashes

  1. full mink lash      D500

 2. individual lash    D900


Wig/Hair Installation

  1. 5 x 5 closure installation     D 350
  2. ear to ear frontal installation   D 600
  3. 360 frontal installation D 800
  4. wig flat iron     D 300
  5. wig curling      D 350
  6. wig revamp       D 700    

Facial Treatment

  1. simple facial                  D 500
  2. LED light treatment       D600
  3. deep cleansing facial   D1000
  4. acne treatment facial    D1500
  5. instant glow  facial        D 800

Body Treatment

  1. full body scrub   D 1000
  2. full body polish  D  800
  3. instant glow body treatment  D1300
  4. milk bath   D 700
  5. bridal glow body treatment   D1500


  1. bikini waxing        D 400
  2. brazilian waxing   D 700
  3. under arm             D 200
  4. full leg waxing      D 800
  5. half leg waxing     D 450
  6. upper lip waxing  D 150
  7. chin waxing          D 250
  8. back waxing         D 800
  9. private area

Natural Hair Treatment

  1. simple  hair treatment   D 600
  2. hair treatment with stretching  D 800
  3. wash and blow dry  D 400
  4. hair shampooing  D200


  1. swedish massage D 1200
  2. deep tissue massage D 1500
  3. couple massage  D 2000
  4. neck and shoulder massage  D 600
  5. foot massage  D 500


  1. swoop ponytail  D 700
  2. simple ponytail  D 500
  3. half up half down ponytail  D 700
  4. simple ponytails D 500
  5. frontal ponytail  D 900
  6. ponytail with bangs D 850

PediCure & ManiCure

  1. relaxing pedicure with foot massage  D 800
  2. simple pedicure  D 500
  3. foot lightening   D 1000
  4. detox pedicure   D 600
  5. toe nail polish     D 300
  6. simple manicure  D 400
  7. hand lightening manicure  D700

About Saacs Salon & Spa

We are a team of 8 certified beauty professionals with over 10 years of experience and certifications that commend our work.

If you are looking for the best beauty services ranging from threading, facial and more, you can walk in here. Graduating from the best beauty schools, and working with top beauty professionals we have mastered the skills of delivering the best beauty and spa services in town.

Over the years we have served hundreds of happy clients who trust us for their look for important occasions like weddings, corporate parties, concerts, events and more. So, whether it is a quick touch-up or detailed beauty therapies, we are here to help you.

See Our Work!

Here’s a quick look at the beauty transformations that we have worked on. Whether it is a temporary makeup or a complete makeover, you can trust us.

Our Clients Speak!

Take a look at what our clients have to say about our work and dedication that keeps them coming back for more.
My stylist Sainabou made me feel right at home. She didn't judge me and we talked up at storm. I've never been more comfortable...and we just clicked. It was well worth it!
Kumba Jobe
Saacs has been my stylist several years now, and I’m hers for life! I have really thick hair and after home coloring my hair for several years, it was damaged and course. Saacs brought back the health and silkiness that my hair once was! She is a pro at cutting thick hair as well! So between the great color and expert cut, I’m a happy lady!
veria lozy
I am so glad I found Saacs Salon . They does an outstanding job on my face and hair. Each time is such a treat with a beautiful makeup. I always feel so pampered!
maria low
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